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Welcome to Insync Drug & Alcohol Testing

Based in Tamworth & Sydney NSW - Supporting Australian Businesses to Build Safer Workplaces



Welcome to Insync Drug and Alcohol Testing, a division of Insync Workplace Solutions, supporting businesses to build safer workplaces. 

We are experts in our field and are here to help you build safer workplaces for everyone. Our team, who are all ex-police and SafeWork Inspectors, are led by Our General Manager, Mark Heywood, who himself had 32 years with the NSW Police Force, including 28 of those in Highway Patrol. We have all experienced first-hand the devastating impact of 'undetected' drug and alcohol use in the workplace, which is why we are so passionate about what we do and why we work with industry and organisations through education, training, policy development and testing programs to help you comply with your legal obligations under Road Transport, Chain of Responsibility and Work Health and Safety Laws, to ensure, so far as reasonably practicable, the physical and psychological health, safety and welfare of workers and others who may be impacted by their work but to create physically and psychologically safe workplaces where people and business thrive. 

Call us for a confidential discussion about how we can help you build a safe and productive workplace. 

"1 in 4 Australians will experience challenges with alcohol, other drugs or gambling during their lifetime" (KMPG & ReThink Addiction, 2021)

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Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing isn't just about ticking compliance boxes. It's a crucial step in mitigating the widespread issue of drug and alcohol addiction in Australia.

Did you know that 1 in 4 Australians will experience challenges with alcohol, other drugs or gambling during their lifetime? And often, the road to seeking help is delayed due to societal stigma.  


1 in 4 is a significant number, and if you think about your workplace, how many people are potentially experiencing addiction? And how does that impact your business from a workplace safety and productivity perspective? 

The economic toll of addiction is significant. In their 2021 report, KPMG and Rethink Addiction highlight that the annual cost of addiction to Australia's economy was $80 billion, impacting everything from workplace productivity to the healthcare and justice systems. 

  • Tobacco: Tops the list at 44%, costing $35.8 billion, with nearly 70% coming from reduced workplace and household productivity.

  • Alcohol: Follows at 28%, totaling $22.6 billion. Workplace and household productivity losses constitute 38% of these costs.

  • Prescription and Illicit Drugs: Account for 16% or $12.9 billion, with the highest costs stemming from justice and law enforcement, followed by workplace and household productivity losses equalling 30% or $3.9 billion of drug-related costs 

  • Gambling: Represents 13% of the cost at $10.7 billion.

  • The report also highlights the profound human cost - the value of life lost to addiction is a significant $48.4 billion.

    By understanding the adverse effects of drug and alcohol abuse, employers can build physically and psychologically safer workplaces that enable their people and their businesses to thrive.  


    By proactively implementing drug and alcohol testing in the workplace, supported by comprehensive education, training, and support programs, businesses do more than just meet regulatory requirements. They take a significant step in removing the stigma surrounding addiction, ensuring timely support for individuals in need. This not only assists in addressing personal health challenges but also significantly reduces the societal and economic impacts of addiction.​

    To read the full report, click here.

    Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing: Essential for Maintaining Health & Safety & Boosting Productivity 

    Every worker deserves a safe and healthy work environment. As an employer, fulfilling your duty of care under Work Health and Safety Legislation is paramount. This includes addressing the risks posed by impaired workers. Here are the key benefits of implementing Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing. 

    Enhance Workplace Safety

    Regular Drug and Alcohol Testing helps minimise the risk of incidents & injuries caused by impairment, & helps you ensure, so far as reasonably practicable a physically & psychologically safe & supportive environment for all workers & other impacted by your work.

    Promote Employee Health & Wellbeing

    Implementing Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing can encourage & support employees to lead healthier lifestyles & seek support if they are struggling with substance abuse. 

    Compliance with Legal & Regulatory Standards

    Under WHS Legislation, employers have an obligation to ensure, so far as reasonably practicable the physical & psychological health, safety & wellbeing of their workers & others who many be impacted by their work.


    This includes addressing risks associated with poor fitness for work & helps to identify & minimise the risk of workers performing their work whilst impaired by alcohol or other drugs. 

    Increased Productivity & Performance & Reduced Costs

    A workplace free from the adverse effects of drug & alcohol use tends to have higher levels of employee efficiency & productivity, as substance abuse often leads to decreased work performance.


    Drug & Alcohol testing programs can also reduce the costs associated with absenteeism, presenteeism, staff turnover & recruitment. It can also reduce workplace incidents & injuries & workers compensation claims.

    Why Partner with Insync Drug & Alcohol Testing?

    Choosing to partner with Insync Drug & Alcohol Testing goes beyond the typical client-service provider relationship. We see each partnership as a unique collaboration where your needs and goals become integral to how we operate. With us, you're not just another client; you're a valued partner in a shared mission to ensure workplace safety and well-being. Our commitment to personalized service, combined with our expertise and innovative practices, ensures that your specific needs are always at the forefront of our solutions.

    Here are just some of the benefits of partnering with us. 

    We only employ Highly Trained, Qualified & Experienced Technicians. 

    At Insync Drug & Alcohol Testing, we set the highest standards for our team. Every technician we employ is not only highly trained and qualified but also brings a wealth of experience to their role. Our team exclusively consists of professionals with backgrounds as ex-police officers or Safe Work Inspectors, ensuring unparalleled expertise and a deep understanding of safety and compliance in every service we offer

    Proudly 100% Australian Owned & Operated. 

    Distinguishing ourselves from large multinational corporations and franchises, Insync Drug & Alcohol Testing is a proudly 100% Australian-owned and operated business. By not operating as a franchise, we avoid passing on the additional fees and charges often associated with larger or franchised providers. Our direct ownership ensures you receive the same exceptional level of service every time. With our owners actively running the business, we guarantee personal attention and consistent quality in all our services, setting us apart in the industry

    We maintain the highest standards of accuracy and reliability. 

    For all secondary sample testing, we have partnered with Douglass Hanly Moir, a leading national pathology provider. Our commitment to using only NATA Accredited Laboratories ensures that every secondary test we conduct meets rigorous quality standards. This adherence to elite standards underscores our dedication to providing trustworthy and dependable testing services.

    We only use Alcolizer Technology®.

    Insync Drug & Alcohol Testing exclusively employs Alcolizer Technology® for our testing needs. As the only device developed and manufactured in Australia, Alcolizer Technology® stands as a testament to home-grown innovation and excellence. Trusted by police forces around the world, it ensures that our testing services meet the highest standards of accuracy and reliability.


    We comply with Australian Standards 

    Insync Drug & Alcohol Testing rigorously adheres to the highest industry standards to ensure the utmost accuracy and reliability in our services. Our testing procedures are meticulously conducted in compliance with AS/NZS 4760:2019, AS/NZS 4308:2008, and AS 3547:2019. These standards, recognized and respected both in Australia and New Zealand, guarantee that our testing methodologies align with the best practices in the field of drug and alcohol testing.

    Headquartered in Tamworth, NSW

    Headquartered in Tamworth, we take pride in our extensive reach across New South Wales. We provide first-class professional services across Regional NSW and beyond, covering regions including the North West, New England, Hunter, Mid North Coast, Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong. Our expertise extends to the Snowy Mountains, Riverina, Central West, and everything in between. No matter where you are in these areas, you can count on us for reliable and professional testing services.

    When it comes to protecting your people and your business, only the best will do. That's why we use Alcolizer Technology® drug and alcohol testing equipment.

    The only Australian end-to-end developer and manufacturer of ISO-accredited drug and alcohol testing equipment. 

    As a proud Australian-owned and operated business, Insync Drug & Alcohol Testing brings a local touch to world-class safety standards. From our headquarters in Tamworth to our widespread network of technicians across NSW, we extend our exceptional services throughout Regional NSW, Sydney and beyond.

    Safety and reliability aren't just our priorities; they are our promises to you. In our commitment to safeguarding workplaces, we choose only the best equipment, which is why we use Alcolizer Technology® for our workplace drug and alcohol testing equipment.

    With over 30 years at the forefront of drug and alcohol testing innovation and trusted by global police forces and key players in mining, construction, and transport, Alcolizer is the sole Australian developer and manufacturer of ISO-accredited testing equipment.

    When you choose Insync, you're not just selecting a service; you're partnering with a leader in safety, driven by Australian innovation and backed by global excellence. Let us help you create a safer workplace with confidence and quality at its core.

    Our Services

    At Insync Drug & Alcohol Testing, we offer a range of services and solutions to help you manage the risk of drug and alcohol use in your place.  We also understand that one size does not fit all, so we tailor our solutions to meet our client's needs. 

    To find out more, click on the links below.

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